Destinations to Visit in Pakistan in your 7 days tour

Planning to visit Pakistan in near future? Here is everything you need to know before you make your vacation plan.

In the past few years, tourism in Pakistan has flourished phenomenally. People have finally started to go out again for recreation and to witness the beauty this country has to offer. Breathtaking landscapes and amazing culture, everything about Pakistan is captivating and lovingly beautiful. And the fact that there are amazing tour operators providing their services to the tourists just adds up to that vacation mode.

To some extent, it is because of the tourist operators like PAK ALHARAMAIN TRAVEL & TOURISMs and a few others, the tourism sector of Pakistan has finally started to grow. Amazing vacation packages and facilities drives an individual to experience the nature in all of its glory.

We have often seen people, coming to visit Pakistan but they don’t have right guidance regarding the must visit places. They almost get lost in the havoc of contemplating between the choices they have been provided with. Pakistan’s northern areas that includes Gilgit-Baltistan, Naran Kaghan and then remote areas like Balochistan and even Sindh have some breathtaking natural beauty to behold. If you plan to have an amazing tour of Pakistan in minimum days, read on and find out everything you need to know.


The ruins of Harappa and Mohenjodaro, two forgotten cities of Indus Valley Civilization
History is the most treasured pearl of any nation and our history truly speaks for itself. Your visit to Pakistan will remain incomplete and would be of no point if you don’t visit the ruins of Indus Valley Civilization. Both these historic monuments are a captivating sight and you will be driven back to 2600 BCE once you lay your eyes on this magnificent culture. Harappa is somewhere located in Punjab, near Lahore whereas Mohenjodaro is a bit far off and you will have to go to Sindh to see that place. But trust us when we say that the visit will be all worth it.


The breathtaking landscapes of Northern Areas
Ever been to Switzerland? If no, then there is nothing for you to worry about because your Pakistan Tour is going to show you landscapes that are just as beautiful and breathtaking as the heart of Europe. There are plenty of tour operators, especially PAK ALHARAMAIN TRAVEL & TOURISMs that are often providing the opportunity to go swat tours and fairy meadows tour. These northern area tours may cost a bit more but the service that is being provided by one of the best tour operator in the country will be all worth it. The beauty and serene surely cannot be missed by someone who is travelling just to take in nature and everything that it has to offer in purest of forms.


Trekking and adventure
Did someone say that Pakistan has no adventure to offer you? Well, we would like you to think otherwise because in Pakistan you will find some great adventure tours to go on. Pakistan has one of the widest mountain ranges of the world going to the base camp of K2, Rakaposhi and Nanga Parbat is an experience of a lifetime. You;re going to enjoy every breath you take among these huge Himalayan Ranges and you know what the best part is? PAK ALHARAMAIN TRAVEL & TOURISMs is offering you with amazing tour packages when it comes to trekking and exploring.

They offer great facilities and tour guides that won’t get you lost in the woods.

So, these three things that if you plan to do will keep you occupied for a complete week in Pakistan and we assure you that you will thank us later. PAK ALHARAMAIN TRAVEL & TOURISMs will be our recommendation when opting for a tour operators because they are the most renowned and assure you quality and premium services.