Pakistan's Top Travel Destinations in 2019

Pakistan is located in the South Asian region of the globe and it has some amazing sightseeing opportunities for the tourists and its residents. You can explore world’s 2nd largest salt mine as well as world’s 9th largest desert. There are 4 provinces & 4 administrative regions in Pakistan. Punjab, Sindh, Khyber Pakhtukhwa & Balochistan are the 4 provinces. While the 4 administrative divisions are Gilgit & Baltistan, Azad Jammu & Kashmir, Federally Administered Tribal Areas(FATA) & Islamabad Capital Territory.

Pakistan’s tourism industry has been growing day by day. If you plan to visit Pakistan, we would like to tell you that your visit will not go wasted at all. You’ll be seeing some of the most beautiful landscapes of the world, ones that will take your breath away.

Although, there are a number of famous tourist spots in Pakistan. We are stating rather lesser known areas to explore in 2018. These areas are not quite famous but are rather beautiful. First, we must stat the numbering is just a serial counting not based on any/all classifications.


Soon Valley, Pakistan
Soon Valley is situated in Khushab District of Punjab Province. Khushab is located on Sargodha-Mianwali Highway. Soon Valley is a tehsil of the Khushab District. It is almost 90 KM in length. The valley is mesmerizing and holds several lakes, ponds, mountains and forests.

Nowshera is the capital of this valley while Sakesar being the highest point. Pakistan Air Force has established a Radar and Communication setup at Sakesar. The largest lakes in the valley are Uchhali and Khabekki Lakes. Both lakes are Wild Life protected areas, so you can’t do any sort of hunting. There’s a mughal era garden in the valley, Kanhatti Garden.

There’s a beautiful waterfall in the garden. Remains of a centuries old fort are just besides the khabekki lake at Akrand. That’s enough for now. Now go and explore more out of this valley yourself.


Fort Monroe
A hill station in the district of Dera Ghazi Khan of Southern Punjab. The hill station connects two big cities of Pakistan that are Multan and Quetta. It’s in the middle of these cities and can be accessed throughout the year.

This is the only place in Punjab that regular snow falling in winter, providing this site with all the more reasons to visit. There’s a small lake and PTDC Motel in the town. The residents of the town are baloch tribes, mostly “Qaisrani”.


Phandar Valley
This valley is unknown to most of the people, but it is one of the most beautiful valleys of Pakistan. located in the Ghizar district of Gilgit and Baltistan. The valley can be accessed during summer from Gilgit and also from Chitral. Phander Lake is the largest lake in the valley. The valley is a great tourist spot with forests, lakes and streams in a unique blend.


Jarogo waterfall
Jarogo waterfall in Chatekal valley of Matta tehsil, District Swat, some 55 kilometres from Mingora is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the World. It is largely unknown among the tourists, even locals had the rare opportunity to see the beauty nested in dense forest.

It is one of the largest waterfalls in Pakistan. Chatekal Valley in Swat as a whole is very much unexplored.

There are hundreds of tourist destinations unexplored and hidden in the dense forests of the valley. If you are getting confused as to how you can visit this place, we would like to tell you that PAK ALHARAMAIN TRAVEL & TOURISMs is here to serve you with the best of their capacity. They arrange tours to these places and provide all the necessary facilities.


Ratti Gali Lake, Pakistan
If you’re thinking about visiting the northern areas of Pakistan, your visit will remain incomplete if you do not visit this serene lake and the landscapes it beholds. Ratti Gali Lake is a beautiful lake in Neelum Valley in

Azad Jammu & Kashmir. It is at a distance of around 100 KM from Muzaffarabad.

The lake is reachable only on a 4×4 vehicle during July – October each year. The road is closed for the rest of the year due to heavy snowfall. It is one of the largest lakes in the valley.


Sharan forest
Like so many other landscapes, Pakistan is also rich in it forestry. Sharan Forest is a dense natural forest in the Mansehra District of KPK Province. The forest is accessible via a 4×4 drive from paras. The forest is an excellent retreat for the tourist, hikers & trekkers alike.

There are some of the highest peaks in the forest. Manshi is a plateau adjacent to the forest over a hilltop at an elevation of around 2,867 M above sea level.

These were a few destinations are a must visit if you plan on exploring Pakistan. they are beautiful, mesmerizing and awe-striking. Once you step foot in the areas of these places, you would never want to return from there.


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