Successful Hajj Journey 2018

When it comes to finding best tour operators for your travelling purpose, you will come across many but only a few will provide optimized services. PAK ALHARAMAIN TRAVEL & TOURISMs is one of the renowned names when it comes to tour operators and they provide the best services and facilities when you have to stay out of town or country for different purposes. They provide hajj packages, Umrah packages, adventure tours, trekking, hiking and so much more. Let’s see what they are offering in their Hajj packages and listen to a story of a successful Hajj from a Hajji itself.

Hajj is the annual pilgrimage and one of the most sacred duties of Islam. It is performed on 10th Zilhajj of every year and is a holy reminder for Muslims that we indeed belong to HIM and only HIM.

PAK ALHARAMAIN TRAVEL & TOURISMs is providing best hajj services one can ask for and they truly take the comfort of the traveler upon themselves. PAK ALHARAMAIN TRAVEL & TOURISMs hajj service is an optimized one and they offer numerous packages with respect to the traveler’s budget and requirements. You can read below all that you want to know below.

Hajj traveling

Every year, during Zilhajj, thousands of Muslims travel throughout the globe to reach Arab. The holy birthplace of Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) and perform Hajj that may take up to 40 days. There is no restriction of the days you can spend in Arab when you are going for Hajj but there are a few rituals that are considered mandatory to perform in sequence during Hajj.

Many travel agencies and tourism companies initiate hundreds of Hajj packages every year. They are initiated in accordance of the budget and facilities a Hajji may require during his travel. Air tickets, hotels, accommodation, food, pic and drop, traveling expenses and so much is included in these Hajj packages so that the travelers can easily avail these services without having to pay on and on for it.


Successful story of Hajj

Successful stories of Hajj are always fond to listen to. A Haji’s experience while his stay at this holy place is one of the best stories one can listen to. Hajj pilgrimage has thousands of travelers in its embrace and of course, people go through some sort of trouble during their stay because not everything, every time can be perfect. But there is this person who got his Hajj package from PAK ALHARAMAIN TRAVEL & TOURISMs and is said to have experiences the best hajj service during his stay of 40 days. Hear him tell his experience by himself.

So, I found out that I got selected in the Hajj scheme and my happiness knew no bound. I had been waiting my entire life to go for Hajj and it was finally my moment. I decided to talk to travel agents and book my seat for a 40-day trip. I had been building up my budget for this journey my entire life and I wanted to have the most of this experience.

After a lot of search on Google and asking about it to my friends, I came across this executive package by PAK ALHARAMAIN TRAVEL & TOURISMs an it suited my needs perfectly. They were offering VIP Hajj in very nominal rates and I couldn’t have gotten better than this. I called them up and you have no idea how responsive they were. They heard me very contently and provided me with exactly what I had been looking for. I was booked under the VIP Maktab #6 facilities and I paid them the due amount. Following are the services I received, and I could be happier.

My ticketing
They took care of my seat reservation and booked me for a business class travel. This was included in their VIP package and I traveled safe and sound to my destination. The best thing was that I didn’t have to go through the hassle of making reservation and they did it just perfectly fine.

Luxury hotel and accommodation
I was provided with a room that provided me with all the luxuries I could have asked for. And the best part was, I had a direct view of Khana Kaaba from my hotel room and it added to the best Hajj experience that I had with PAK ALHARAMAIN TRAVEL & TOURISMs.

One-time meal
Since my Hajj package costed very nominal. They also provided me a onetime meal everyday throughout my stay at the hotel. Of course, I changed several hotels when I had to go to Madinah and other cities but that was all taken care of PAK ALHARAMAIN TRAVEL & TOURISMs.

Pick and drop
My package also neatly took care of my travel expenses which could have cost me much more. PAK ALHARAMAIN TRAVEL & TOURISMs provided me with scheduled pick and drop services and they eased my pain to the maximum.

All in all, I had the best experience with PAK ALHARAMAIN TRAVEL & TOURISMs and they genuinely offer the best hajj services. Their entire team is very cooperative and whenever I would go through some trouble or had a complaint, they were always on their toes to provide me with a solution.

If you plan on going for Hajj in near future, possibly next year, then consider PAK ALHARAMAIN TRAVEL & TOURISMs as your travelling buddies without giving it a second thought. They are highly efficient and the best tour operators out there. You can absolutely rely on them when you’re traveling outside the country or even nationwide